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est. 1999

New Stock 2004...
“The Throne to Perish…An Icon of Disease”  7” EP, Miserys Omen “To Worship Stone Gods” 7” EP, Nocturnal Vomit “Infernal Ascension of the Gods” Demo, Zemial/Kawir split 7” EP, Nocturnal Graves “Profanation of Innocence” demo, Mournful Congregation/Stabat Mater split 7” EP, Bludgeoner debut demo CD, Bludgeoner “Plague of the Dead” demo CD, Stone Wings “Bird of Stone Wings” CD, Mournful Congregation “The Dawning of Mournful Hymns” double CD, Lord of the Command “Vicious and Unrelenting Savagery” demo, Portal "The Sweyy" MCD,
Cauldron Black Ram “Skulduggery” CD, Astriaal "Renascent Misanthropy" CD, Atomizer "The Only Weapon of Choice" LP, Portal "Seepia" LP, The Sinister Flame 'zine issue #1, Atomizer "Songs of Slaughter" dbl gatefold 7", Urgrund “Battleskin” 7” EP (normal version)

Coming soon: Urgrund “Battleskin” 7” EP (limited amount of special version yet to come),  Miserys Omen s/t CD, Sithlord "Return to Godless Times" CD, Miserys Omen "To Worship Stone Gods" 7" (limited restock),  Nocturnal Graves “Profanation of Innocence” demo (limited restock), Nocturnal Graves "Deathstorm" demo #2, Denouncement Pyre ""The Storm to End All Wars" demo ...