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All CDs come with jewel cases.
Those titles with
** and highlighted red, indicate there only being one copy left

Due to postal service changes and fuck ups, if you would like to be guaranteed that your order will get to you, please include an extra $3 in Australia and $5 overseas for it to be sent registered! I take NO responsibility for orders lost or stolen through the post. It’s up to you to register it for safety reasons. Sorry about all this.


Astriaal (Australia) "Renascent Misanthropy" $20 AUS/$12 US/EURO - melodic black metal, debut full length 
**Bludgeoner (Australia) debut demo CD $7 AUS/$7 US/EURO - Aussie death, featuring members of Stone Wings, Miscreation & Volatile
Cauldron Black Ram (Australia) “Skulduggery” $20 AUS/$12 US/EURO - excellent death/thrash fro South Australia, debut full length
Destruktor (Australia) "Nuclear Storm" MCD $15 AUS/$8 US/EURO - long awaited MCD, all new material, great Aussie war metal!!
Portal (Australia) “The Sweyy” MCD $15 AUS/$8 US/EURO -
most recent MCD, just came acroos this last copy! be quick, first in first served!!! (limited to 150 copies)
[LAST COPIES!] Rev. Kriss Hades (Australia)“The Winds of Orion” CD $20 AUS/$12 US/EURO - ambient blackened holocaust
[NEW!] Sithlord (Australia) “Return to Godless Times” CD $20 AUS/$12 US/EURO - debut full length CD, "Labyrinth to the Gods" EP is included at the end! Excellent '80's thrash with an Aussie feel, funny as hell cover of the Australian National Anthem too! (limited to 666 copies)
Stone Wings (Australia)
“Bird of Stone Wings” CD $20 AUS/$12 US/EURO - formerly Elysium, second full length of excellent death/doom
[NEW!] Urgrund (Australia) “Unchangeable Fate” CD $20 AUS/$12 US/EURO - Second full length, now  with Chris Volcano from Abominator on drums, absolutely killer release with an new war sound!!!!!! 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bargain CDs !!!!!!!!!!!!
**Apoplexy (France) “Life, Thoughts & Destiny” CD $10 AUS/$8 US/EURO - French death/grind

Astriaal (Australia) “The Throne to Perish – An Icon of Disease” 7” EP $10 AUS/$
8 US/EURO - melodic black metal (limited to 666 copies)
  Atomizer (Australia) "The Only Weapon of Choice" LP $30 AUS/$18 US/EURO - third full length hellrockin' black/thrash  for Australian customers only! sorry!
Atomizer (Australia) "Songs of Slaughter, Songs of Sacrifice" dbl gatefold 7" $15 AUS/$12 US/EURO comes with A2 poster, gatefold cover, and on orange splatter vinyl, their BEST material yet! (limited to 666 copies)
** “Barbaric Onslaught” Compilation LP $20 AUS/$15 US/EURO
11 Australian bands; Anarazel, Atomizer, Carbon, Destruktor, Grenade, Martire, Miserys Omen, Oni, Portal, Stargazer, Urgrund...

Long Voyage Back/Anatomy (Australia) split 7” EP $10 AUS/$
8 US/EURO - black death and black metal, LVB is an ex member of Hobbs Angel of Doom 
[LAST COPIES!] Miserys Omen (Australia) "To Worship Stone Gods" 7" $10 AUS/$8US/EURO - two song 7" of obscure progressive black metal, this was released after the split tape with Cauldron Black Ram and was new material, this 7" is almost sold out completely! (limited to 1000 copies)
Portal (Australia) "Seepia" LP $20 AUS/15 US/EURO - obscure death metal, debut full-length
[NEW!] Thornspawn(USA) "Horns of the Cult" 7" EP
- really good Texan black metal from this well known band, this is their new 7" on Agonia Records. Consisting of two covers Necrovore " Divus De Mortuus and Beherit "Hail Sathanas" (limited to 666)
[LAST COPIES!] Urgrund (Australia)
“Battle Skin” 7” $10 AUS/$8 US - excellent new material from Urgrund, includes a cover of Sodom’s “Ausgebombt” Aussie style! 
Zemial/Kawir (Australia/Greece)
split 7” EP $10 AUS/$
8 US/EURO - black styled death metal and trad. black metal (limited to 1000 copies)

Denouncement Pyre (Australia) "Barbaric Vengeance" live tape $5 AUS/US/EURO - LIVE recording from a gig at the Tote in Melbourne February 2005, features new songs and songs from their first demo 
Excarnated (Australia)
"Genital Gallery" Demo 2000 $5 AUS/US/EURO -
  Ghastly (Australia) "A Macabre Ritual" demo 2004 $5 AUS/US/EURO - excellent black metal with a touch of thrash featuring members of Misery's Omen and Myrddraal 
[NEW!] Lord of the Command (Australia)  "Demonwrought Death Metal Insanity" Daemo Tape 2005 $5 AUS/US/EURO - second demo after a 5 year gap from the first, excellent Aussie death metal from members of Stargazer and Cauldron Black Ram
[LAST COPIES!] Nocturnal Graves (Australia) “Profanation of Innocence” Demo 2004  $5 AUS/$5 US/EURO - old school death/thrash, ex members of Destruktor 
Nocturnal Graves (Australia) "Deathstorm" Demo $5 AUS/$5 US/EURO - excellent new demo, only a small amount being distributed. 
Nocturnal Vomit (Greece) “Infernal Ascension of the Gods” Demo 2003
$5 AUS/$5 US/EURO - blackened death
[NEW!] Oath (Australia) “Taking the Oath” demo 2005 $5 AUS/US/EURO - new Aussie band from Western Australia, playing excellent old styled death metal debut demo! (limited to 100 copies)

[NEW!] Depths Charge 'zine #2
48 A4 pages, black and white, photocopied interviews with: Blasphemic Lust, Daemonlord, Deathspell Omega, DerketaDestruktor, Judgement Day, Nocturnal Graves, Rademassaker,Sacrificial Blood, Scepter, Toxic Holocaust, Zarathustra 

Painful Reality fanzine (USA) #1 $3
US fanzine, 18 A4 pages, photocopied, black and white, interviews with:Canadian Assault fanzine, Morbid Souls Music & Distribution, Termianl Descent...

[LAST COPIES!] Psychomantium fanzine (Spain) #3 $5
Spanish fanzine, 56 A5 pages, pro - printed, black and white, interviews with:Arghoslent, Diabolic, Empty, Feikn, Garden of Shadows, Lightning, Necrophobic, Zemial…

Season Decay fanzine (Australia) #3
Aussie ‘zine, 68 A4 pages, photocopied, black and white, interviews with: Bestial Mockery (Sweden), Carbon, Darklord, Desaster (Germany), Destruktor, Excarnated, Jesus Anal Penetration, Miserys Omen, Myrddraal, Oni, Psycroptic, Rev. Kriss Hades, Sadistik Exekution, Sithlord, and Spear of Longinus…  

Hellpike ‘zine issues #10, #11, #12, #13 & #14
Mournful Congregation
"The Monad of Creation"
Mutilating Process 'zine #1 & #2
Painful Reality 'zine issue #2
"The Scream that Tore the Sky"